BoostKPI identifies inventory trends so you never have to slash profit margin

Use BoostKPI to be on top of inventory trends even when markets are volatile and customer behaviors change quickly.

ROI with BoostKPI

A question we often get asked is: “What ROI (Return On Investment) can we get with BoostKPI?” Let’s count the benefits BoostKPI brings. (We assume the prospective customer is an...

Ad Exchange Use Case

Ad Exchanges are a key part of the ad tech world. They conduct real-time auctions on tens of millions of ad requests every second. These ad requests originate from millions...

BoostKPI's alerting features

This post will help introduce you to several of the anomaly alerting features BoostKPI offers.

Fixing abandoned carts to boost revenue

To succeed in the digital marketplace, reducing latency in identifying the root-cause of your abandoned cart is a must, and gaining meaningful insights from your data to boost conversion rate...

Aggregates are misleading and averages tend to lie

Data driven businesses collect massive amounts of data today, which continues to increase exponentially. The question that often surrounds most decision makers is whether their team is actually consuming their...

Why BoostKPI?

BoostKPI does the heavy lifting, so you and your team can be rest assured that any business opportunity in your KPIs don’t go unnoticed.