BoostKPI and Generative AI

The transformative power of BoostKPI in enabling companies to leverage generative AI effectively

Explore how BoostKPI equips businesses for the generative AI revolution, focusing on rapid data insights, consultative approaches, and enhancing data quality.

How BoostKPI Can Prepare Your Company for Generative AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business technology, generative AI has emerged as a revolutionary force. However, effectively leveraging this technology is challenging, especially when it comes to data readiness. As recent research by Thomas H. Davenport and Priyanka Tiwari highlights, while excitement for generative AI among Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and data leaders is palpable, a significant gap remains in companies’ data strategies and management practices necessary for embracing generative AI.

The Current State of Generative AI in Businesses

A survey and interviews with over 300 CDOs and data leaders reveal a stark reality: businesses are yet to align their data strategies with the demands of generative AI. Despite recognizing its potential to transform business environments, with 80% of data leaders agreeing on its impact, a majority have not begun the crucial work of data preparation.

The Role of BoostKPI

This is where BoostKPI comes into play. BoostKPI is uniquely positioned to bridge this readiness gap by offering a suite of services designed to prepare your accompanying for generative AI. Our approach focuses on three critical areas:

1. Get Quick Insights about Data you care about

Getting quick insights about data you care about is transformative – it can currently take hours or weeks. As Tal, the ML head of Moloco shared

I think about it in terms of the amount of time it currently takes to produce data insights. Let’s say we’re in an exec meeting and somebody asks a question. In fact, let’s say it’s the CEO who asks a question. Maybe it’s some metric for a specific country’s users or how some metrics have been changing over the past 6 months. Those simple questions can become projects and then maybe a week later the answers come back. Then often the exec wants to dig deeper and the iterations can go on for weeks. If anybody could answer these questions on the fly it would be like magic. And it would speed everything up.

Dashboards work ok, but they’re static and provide limited capabilities for real-time iteration, especially for non-experts. If you can build dynamic dashboards that adapt to the questions being asked, that could be such an improvement.

BoostKPI leverages generative AI’s natural language interface to help you get quick insights. Try out a limited version of Ada, our AI data analyst.

2. Consultative Approach

BoostKPI can meet our customers where they are in their data and AI journey. For startups, it can meet helping them focus on the right KPI, as in the case of Kissht. For larger companies, we can review their entire data and AI pipeline and help get them AI ready. Integrating and managing diverse data sets is foundational for generative AI success. We can help bring all your data into a data warehouse that supports the deployment of generative AI applications across various departments, from customer support to R&D.

3. Data Quality Enhancement

As identified by the surveyed data leaders, data quality poses the greatest challenge to realizing the potential of generative AI. Similar to integration testing, BoostKPI’s tools ensure that your data is accurate, current, and unique—crucial qualities for generating high-quality AI responses.

Closing the Readiness Gap

As businesses like Universal Music and Merck Group pivot towards aggressive experimentation with generative AI for R&D and other applications, the need for a solid data foundation becomes increasingly apparent. BoostKPI empowers your company to not only meet but exceed these foundational requirements, setting the stage for successful generative AI implementation.

By focusing on quality, integration, and strategy, BoostKPI ensures your data is not just ready but primed for the generative AI revolution. The journey towards leveraging generative AI is complex, but with BoostKPI, your company can navigate this landscape with confidence and precision.

The Time to Act Is Now

The insights from Davenport and Tiwari’s research underscore the urgency of preparing for generative AI. While other data initiatives are important, the transformative potential of generative AI cannot be overlooked. BoostKPI offers the tools, expertise, and strategic insight needed to harness this potential, enabling your company to lead in the age of AI innovation.

As we look to the future, the message is clear: the time to prepare your data for generative AI is now. With BoostKPI, your company can embark on this journey fully equipped to realize the vast opportunities that generative AI presents. Let’s transform your data into your most powerful asset in the AI era.