ROI with BoostKPI

ROI with BoostKPI Business illustrations by Storyset

A question we often get asked is: “What ROI (Return On Investment) can we get with BoostKPI?” Let’s count the benefits BoostKPI brings. (We assume the prospective customer is an e-commerce business in San Francisco.)

First, skilled data analysts no longer need to slice-and-dice the business data. BoostKPI finds the root-cause of any significant change, without the need to write any SQL. This routine slicing-and-dicing takes 1/2 the time of a full-time (FT) analyst. The annual cost is $100k.

Second, business leaders no longer need to scrutinize various KPI dashboards. Doing so at different data granularities takes 10-20 hours a week, which equates to 1/3 FT. BoostKPI provides personalized and comprehensive alerts. The annual savings is $100k.

Third, BoostKPI highlights “unknown unknowns” – opportunities and anomalies that went undetected before. What is the business value of such missed opportunities? Timely action on opportunities can boost KPIs by double-digit percentages. Assuming the business has 10M annual revenue, this benefit is 1M.

Fourth, BoostKPI’s comprehensive anomaly detection helps maintain the data quality. An eCommerce customer was able to find (unexpected) null values in their data.

In absolute terms, BoostKPI delivers over a million dollars in benefits. The corresponding cost for the small business is less than 10k a year, providing an ROI of over 100x. Besides ROI, BoostKPI democratizes the root-cause investigation and anomaly detection processes. By doing so, it encourages more experimentation, which compound the ROI benefits. Contact us to Boost your KPIs.