Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation

BoostKPI Achieves Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation

BoostKPI achieves Google Cloud Ready BigQuery designation. Organizations on BigQuery can now use the BoostKPI integration with confidence.

BoostKPI Achieves Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation

San Francisco, April 10, 2024 — BoostKPI today announced that it has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation.

Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery is a partner integration validation program that intends to increase the customer confidence in partner integrations into BigQuery. As part of this initiative, Google Cloud’s engineering teams validate partner integrations into BigQuery in a three phase process - run a series of data integration tests and compare results against benchmarks, work closely with partners to fill any gaps and refine documentation for our mutual customers.

By earning this designation, BoostKPI has proven their product(s) have met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with BigQuery. This designation enables customers to discover and have confidence that the BoostKPI products they use today work well with BigQuery or save time on evaluating them, if not already using.

As part of the program, BoostKPI has opportunities to collaborate closely with Google Cloud’s partner engineering and BigQuery teams.

Amit Manjhi, the co-founder & CEO of BoostKPI, says

Securing the Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery designation is a testament to BoostKPI’s commitment to bring cutting-edge AI and ML technologies to all organizations, no matter where their data is. This designation ensures that organizations using BigQuery can confidently use BoostKPI solutions. They can now leverage BoostKPI’s anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and AI-powered data analyst to unlock the value of their data.

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