BoostKPI's impact on Business

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Discover how BoostKPI transforms businesses with real-world ROI examples, from enhancing marketing strategies to combating fraud effectively

BoostKPI’s Impact on Business

In the fast-paced digital economy, businesses constantly seek innovative tools to navigate challenges and optimize performance. BoostKPI, a comprehensive business intelligence tool, has proven indispensable for various companies, helping them address a wide range of issues from operational inefficiencies to unexpected market changes. This post delves into real-world examples where BoostKPI not only identified critical issues but also enabled swift, informed decision-making and resolution.

Tackling Operational and Marketing Challenges

  1. Dark Mode Installation Drop: Soon after an insuretech company launched an android update, BoostKPI alerted them of a significant drop in the signup rate, which was limited to certain Samsung devices, in the just-released Android app version. All of this was done without them ever setting up a custom alert. The overall signup rate had not moved much but the signup rate in this segment had plummeted. It turned out that their recent Android update added a “Dark mode”, and the signup button was not clearly visible when the app was in the dark mode. This bug had escaped this 200-person company’s QA team as well. Soon after BoostKPI alerted them, the company stopped pushing the android update. Without BoostKPI, it might have taken them weeks to notice the problem, as it only occurred on a fraction of android devices. Based on their marketing spend, BoostKPI stopped them from wasting over half a million dollars driving downloads that would not result in signups.

  2. Detecting Fraudulent Merchants: An e-commerce platform wished for the capability to identify fraudulent merchants from day one. Utilizing BoostKPI’s advanced fraud detection algorithms, the platform could flag suspicious activities early, protecting its reputation and ensuring customer trust.

  3. Alerts on Zero Click Campaigns: For a marketing team troubled by the inefficacy of their ad campaigns, BoostKPI provided real-time alerts on zero-click campaigns, allowing for rapid adjustment to strategies and minimizing wasted ad spend.

  4. Musely’s Promotion Analysis: When Musely ran three different promotions, BoostKPI’s comparative analysis revealed the third was less effective, guiding future marketing strategies with concrete data on customer preferences and promotion performance.

  5. Inmobi’s Spend Drop Investigation: Inmobi faced a sudden, unexplained drop in advertising spend. BoostKPI’s root cause analysis tools helped uncover the underlying issues, facilitating a quick resolution and preventing further financial impact.

  6. Smugmug’s ARR Alert: Smugmug received a timely alert from BoostKPI about a drop in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) following a discount on a paid plan, enabling them to reassess their pricing strategy and customer engagement efforts.

  7. Simplilearn’s Campaign Geography: Simplilearn discovered through BoostKPI that some of their campaigns were inadvertently running in unexpected countries, leading to refined targeting and improved ROI on their marketing spend.

  8. Quince’s Bot and Stock Issues: Quince faced two distinct issues: an influx of bot traffic and stock shortages. BoostKPI’s analytics helped identify both problems promptly — the bot traffic issue by analyzing website interaction patterns and the stock problem through inventory level alerts, enabling Quince to take corrective action swiftly.

  9. Cover’s Misdirected Campaigns: Cover was perplexed by getting installs from Africa, where their marketing campaigns were not targeted. BoostKPI’s geographic performance data allowed them to trace and halt the misdirected ad spend, aligning their marketing efforts with strategic objectives.

The Value of BoostKPI Across Industries

These examples underscore the versatility and power of BoostKPI in providing actionable insights across various business scenarios. From detecting fraud and analyzing promotional effectiveness to managing stock levels and correcting misconfigured marketing campaigns, BoostKPI empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions.


The integration of BoostKPI into the operational frameworks of businesses like Musely, Inmobi, Smugmug, Simplilearn, and Quince highlights a critical shift towards data-driven strategies. By offering a granular view of business performance and market dynamics, BoostKPI enables companies to navigate challenges with agility and precision. As businesses continue to evolve in the digital age, tools like BoostKPI will remain invaluable assets for achieving operational excellence and sustaining competitive advantage.