The Orchestration Role of Large Language Models

Recently, I had the opportunity to witness a fireside chat between Mohak Shroff (SVP of Engineering at LinkedIn) and Kevin Scott (CTO Microsoft). Both of them agreed that LLMs like...

Backpacking and Entrepreneurship

This is re-posted from Amit Manjhi’s Oct/Nov 2023 LinkedIn posts.

Unveiling the KPI-Heatmap feature: A Gateway to Root-Cause-Analysis among KPIs

Motivation for KPI-Heatmap In the ever-evolving landscape of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) commerce, understanding the driving forces behind your revenue trends is not just advantageous, but essential. As a D2C business owner,...

Startup journey with your spouse

This is re-posted from Amit Manjhi’s 2022 LinkedIn post.

Why the LTV to CAC Ratio is Crucial and How BoostKPI Helps You Master It

If you’re running a consumer startup, you’ve probably heard about the LTV to CAC ratio. It’s one of the most important metrics for businesses to understand and optimize.

Harnessing BoostKPI for Black Friday Cyber Monday Analysis

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is one of the most significant retail events of the year, causing spikes in traffic, sales, and conversions. The event typically spans a period of...