Natural Language Alerts with BoostKPI

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Transform your KPI alerting with BoostKPI’s AI to translate English into automatic YAML rules. Simplify anomaly detection with no code required.

Revolutionize Alerting with Natural Language: BoostKPI’s AI-powered Approach

Gone are the days of grappling with intricate YAML configurations and convoluted UIs for defining KPI alerts. BoostKPI is proud to introduce natural language alerting, a groundbreaking feature powered by cutting-edge large language models (LLMs) that fundamentally transforms the way you monitor and glean insights from your key performance indicators.

Alerting Scenario

Imagine that you have a complex anomaly you need to detect within a specific KPI. Traditionally, this would involve meticulously crafting alert rules line by line in YAML, a process prone to errors and time-consuming for users less familiar with coding. With BoostKPI, you can simply articulate your desired alert conditions in plain English. Our sophisticated LLM, trained on vast amounts of real-world examples, does the heavy lifting for you, automatically translating your natural language into the precise YAML code that defines your alert.

But it doesn’t stop there. BoostKPI goes beyond mere translation. Our LLM also provides a transparent explanation of its reasoning, outlining how it interpreted your words and arrived at the generated code. This level of explainability fosters trust and empowers you to refine your alerts with confidence, ensuring they accurately capture your intended monitoring requirements.

Unlock the Benefits

  • Effortless Configuration: Ditch the manual coding and speak your mind. The LLM translates your natural language, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Reduced Errors: Eliminate typos and inconsistencies that can plague manual configurations. The LLM ensures your alerts are accurate and reflect your true intentions.
  • Deeper Understanding: Gain valuable insights into the LLM’s thought process through its explanations. This transparency allows you to optimize your alerts for maximum effectiveness.
  • Democratized Alerting: No coding knowledge required! Anyone can create sophisticated alerts, opening up data-driven insights to a wider audience within your organization.

Witness the Power

Experience the magic of natural language alerting firsthand in our video. See how users effortlessly create intricate alert configurations using natural language, and gain a glimpse into the LLM’s explanatory power.

BoostKPI is at the forefront of AI-powered anomaly detection, making it easier than ever to gain actionable insights from your KPIs. Embrace the power of natural language alerting and transform your monitoring capabilities today.

Ready to get started?

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