Natural Language Alerts with BoostKPI

Transform your KPI alerting with BoostKPI’s AI to translate English into automatic YAML rules. Simplify anomaly detection with no code required.

Lessons from Application Testing

Explore BoostKPI’s approach to integration testing for business KPIs, driving operational efficiency and strategic growth through innovative AI analytics.

BoostKPI's impact on Business

Discover how BoostKPI transforms businesses with real-world ROI examples, from enhancing marketing strategies to combating fraud effectively

The Orchestration Role of Large Language Models

BoostKPI’s experiments with using LLMs as an orchestrator of specialized ML models, which enhances data freshness and scalability.

Backpacking and Entrepreneurship

Discover parallels between backpacking adventures and entrepreneurship: courage, resilience, and simplicity fuel both journeys towards growth and discovery.

Root-Cause-Analysis of multiple KPIs

Unlock root-cause analysis across multiple KPIs with BoostKPI’s heatmap feature. Visualize revenue drivers, from AOV to order growth, all in one place.